Chiropractic Testimonials

“Dr. Durso has completely improved my outlook on life. I thought I would just have to live with the pain in my lower back for the last near decade, before I started my appointments. He has reversed the issue and completely uplifted my spirits. I’m standing straight and do not have to suffer through my back or hip pain anymore!”

- Danielle S.

“I can’t believe it took me so long to make it into the office. The staff is amazing. Not only does my back feel amazing, my whole body feels great!”

- Dana D.

“With a hip and a knee replacement, I really needed to be ‘straightened’ out! Dr. Durso and staff are friendly and very competent. I can stand straighter, taller, and feel so much better. Thank you!”

- Diane R.

“I just love Balanced Health Family Chiropractic. Dr. Durso is fantastic. He is so knowledgeable and friendly. He always makes us feel so welcome and like we are a long-time friend. He excels with children. My child has ADHD and PANDAS, so his behavior can be a little challenging in doctor settings. Dr. Durso has the utmost patience with him and has helped him so much. We are so grateful to be at this office.”

- Sierra N.

"Dr. Durso is so knowledgeable and friendly. He excels with children as my child has ADHD and PANDAS. Dr. Durso has the utmost patience with him and has helped him tremendously."

- JJ

"If you are even considering seeing a chiropractor-do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Durso ASAP!! Not only is there a huge improvement in my back, my general health is getting better daily."

- KB

"Dr. Durso is an experienced chiropractor who applies a holistic approach to chiropractic care."

- GH

"My son was getting recurring ear infections and we heard chiropractic could help. It's been 2 1/2 years and my son has not had anymore since getting regular adjustments."

- AL

"David is gentle yet very effective and knowledgeable with the state of the art equipment to effectively diagnose your symptoms I would highly recommend you see David for weekly body adjustments as well. "

- RS

"Very professional and friendly. I highly recommend to my friends and family"

- Chris

"When I gave birth to my son I had an amazing, smooth delivery. The birth of my dreams, actually! I never pushed once- my body did all the work for me and he came out in about three contractions. This birth story is very different from my first, where I pushed for six hours and he was stuck. My recovery was very long. My son is six days old and I feel great, almost back to my old self. One difference with this pregnancy is I received chiropractic adjustments."

- Andrea

"You know when your body needs the best chiropractor ever. If you don't know who he is, we'll let me tell you. It is Dr. Durso because he knows how to make me feel better and pain free."

- Carol


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